There’s salt in the air and it’s windy
There’s a man overboard starboard side
The captain puts out a mayday
I consume them within my tide
My waves are so green they’re like envy
My depths are as deep as your sight
And if you stare into my darkness
All your guilt will come to light

The sea is empty, I’ve put it all inside of me
And if you turn me inside out
I’ll drown this world without a doubt

The storm has died down and it’s calm now
We lost many men to that wretch
Its blackness has never been known
Though many men have met its depths
We were much further out than we bargained
I fear we will never get home
As the sea begins to swell up
It wants to take us as its own

And when I fill up your lungs
Infect like pleurisy
And when you’ve served your purpose
I’ll just leave you in the water.

Drowning unable, to keep myself stable
This currents abhorrent, it pulls me under
I wrap around you and fill up inside you
My liquid addicted I can't let you go
Many were taken and all were forsaken
Lost to a cold that is unforgiving
Drowning unable to keep myself stable
I take a last breath as she pulls me under


from By Design (Reissue), released January 29, 2015


all rights reserved



Scumpulse Edinburgh, UK

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